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Getting the Job Done

Since 1993, Centerline Directional Guidance Systems, Inc. has provided Tensor Magnetic Guidance Systems for use in horizontal directional drilling applications.

What We Do

Centerline Directional Guidance Systems, Inc. has provided Tensor Magnetic Guidance Systems with High
Resolution and Pressure Sensor Probes for use in horizontal directional applications since 1993.

Centerline Directional Guidance Systems, Inc. carries 2 complete sets of High Resolution Probes as well as 2
complete sets of Surface Gear. Centerline has a Certified Mud Technician on staff should your project
specifications require.

This has allowed us to put our years of experience to work in direct applications. Our crews are proficient in the operation of every type and size rig. We get the job done effectively and efficiently in rock or dirt for waterlines, sewage lines (gravity and force main), as gas lines.


These applications include river crossings, environmental remediation wells, streets, highway & freeway crossings and railroad track crossings to name a few.
Centerline's additional services include providing training in the operation of MGS tools and preparation of computerized As-Builts.


Our experienced field staff has been involved in the successful guidance and installation of numerous crossings nationwide as well as worldwide, in many different ground conditions ranging from silty sand to granite. Our staff is competent in the use of jetting assemblies and mud motor operations. Centerline is prepared to direct any size length of bore in whatever formation you consider using any size rig.

Areas of Expertise

At Centerline, we don’t boast about how much we’ve drilled. How much we’ve drilled or where we’ve drilled doesn’t get your bore done today. We know where we’ve been and where you want to go. You need a guidance company to get you from entry to exit in the shortest time possible and on target the first time!!

One time and on-line is Centerline’s commitment to the horizontal directional drilling market. We follow this commitment by offering the best in highly accurate Magnetic Guidance Systems, well trained and professional field personal, a network of experts and support services for your bore.

We can help in many ways from the very inception of the bore to the completion. With Centerline’s CAAB, we can provide proposed drawings for your bid and help determine drilling parameters before you arrive on location. With our MGS we can guide you through the bore and assist in technical matters along the way. With our network of industry experts, we can help with the product installation.

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If Centerline can be of service on your next project that requires Directional Guidance/Wire Line Service for your Horizontal Directional Drilling project, please contact us.